Canadian Sculptors

The work of Canadian sculptors is an institution in Canada. For those looking to purchase or commission a sculpture, there are many points of consideration that should be taken into account, such as;

  • unique bronze art sculpturesLocation – where will the sculpture be located and what type of elements will it need to endure?
  • Material – both the durability of the material and the ability of the material to convey meaning should be endured.
  • Logistics – how big will the piece be and how will it travel from the point of creation to point of display?
  • Artist – who will help conceptualize and ultimately craft the sculpture?
An experienced local artist of international acclaim can help. Brett Davis stands out among Canadian sculptors as a master in his craft. With over 30 years of experience and artwork residing all over the word, including North America, Europe and Asia, Brett Davis can offer an outstanding experience in purchasing or commissioning sculpture.

bronze art concept for minimalistic modern style

Brett Davis chose to specialize in bronze sculpture due to its unique characteristics. Bronze is a metal that encompasses sturdiness while maintaining its elegant look. Bronze sculptures are timeless and can age the same way a fine wine might. It is able to express a wide range of colours to cater to specific requirements, which also allows for expansion of representation.

As a master bronze sculptor, Brett is able to cater towards a client’s specific requirements for theme and taste. For example, large-scale works should be site-specific, meaning they should be designed to fit into the architecture or landscape of the very space that it will occupy. This allows the art to become a centrepiece which enhances the atmosphere of the surrounding space.


Whether as an individual, or as part of an organization, corporation or government, commissioning a bronze sculpture from Canadian sculptors will allow the purchaser to obtain a work of art that will command a significant presence by providing a poignant association or representing the essence of the community.


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